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Who am I ?

My name is Cathy, I was born in Belgium and I have been living in Montreal for several years. This inspired me to mix different cultures in my artwork and to practice several languages ​​(French, English and Dutch).


Let's dive a little deeper:

Being part of  the Tintin (famous Belgian Comics character), Smurfs and Disney generation, comics, cartoons and their dialogues are forever etched in my head and influence me every day.

After working a few years in the education sector as specialized educator, I also trained in drawing at the Synstudio School of Art in Montreal.

I am working as artist full time since 2017.


I have basically developed five styles of drawings:

  • Comic strip characters in clear line with Winifred' family, pugs  available in mini-comics, humorous cards and caricatures.

  • Satirical drawings covering essentially the dysfunctions in politics and of society. Those drawings are essentially visible on social media like twitter and are regularly  appearing on TV or traditional media.

  • Portraits of world sports personalities (football, soccer, tennis players, etc.) but also athletes from national teams (hockey players of the Montreal Canadiens team, Bruins of Boston, Red Devils from Belgium etc).

  •  Indian ink drawings and also invitation cards for events, posters, and illustrations of the news?

  •  Tributes to outstanding personalities or to victims of disasters.


As I live modestly from my passion, I would be happy to count you among my customers or patrons.

Do not hesitate to contact me for personalized requests via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via personal messages or email


Who is Winifred?

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself: my name is Winifred !

I'm a little Pug  and people say that I am cute.

Strange bug, be it! Despite my name and my appearance, which are somewhat out of the ordinary, I can assure you that I love and assume myself as I am; I wear this name with pride!

Those who know me describe me as 10 pounds and 1.4 feet of fun, love and kindness.

As for you, I hope you will enjoy discovering my incredible world.

Copyright CathyGraphics

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