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Two payement methods are available:

1.      PayPal, which is the most used way in the world for online shopping. If you have never made a PayPal purchase, you will first need to create a PayPal account before the first order and enter your address, which will also be your default shipping address. You will also be required to enter the details of a valid credit card. No confidential information is transmitted to us, it is PayPal that fully manages the transaction in a secure manner and following international banking standards. For subsequent payments, you will only need to use your PayPal ID and password, and will no longer need to encode credit card information.

2.      Visa or Mastercard credit card. In this case, you should not create an account, but directly encode your credit card information at the time of payment. No confidential information is transmitted to us and the transaction is made by the Stripe card payment company in a secure manner and according to international banking standards.

​​Deliveries will only be started after receipt of payment.

Currencies :

All prices are displayed in US Dollars, however when you pay, your credit cards will charge you in your local currency.

The exchange rates can change at any moment, and CathyGraphics declines any responsibility when this happens.

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