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Handmade portrait of your dog realised by Cathygraphics. There is no use of any photo-transformation software to realize the protrait. All details on the portrait are created directly by the artist using a stylus and a graphics tablet.

We ask you to provide 3 pictures of your dog under different angles.

After reception of your payment, we send you a mail to ask the pictures. You can at the same time add any usefull information to help the artist to improve the drawing. When ready, the drawing will be send to your E-mail address in elctronic formt (.jpg or .pdf). You can directly print the drawing on your own printer or, even better in a print.copy shop using professionnal printers.

Attention: orders of drawings for commercial/business/politics use are not available at this price. Please click on the CONTACT button to engage a dialog regarding your needs. Cathygraphics keeps the rights to refuse an order without disclaiming the reason upon payment.

Portrait of your dog

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